Job Opportunities

Hospital Opportunities

Located in the north and south, east and west, and many points in-between, CHS affiliated hospitals offer a wide range of clinical and non-clinical job opportunities and the chance to work in skilled and supportive teams. Hospital openings are sorted by state and facility. Access the Directory.

Healthcare Administration

With affiliated hospitals in 29 states, there are plenty of opportunities for experienced hospital leaders who can contribute to the success of our organization and who want to grow along with us. Explore Opportunities.

Corporate Support

Located just south of Nashville, Tennessee, CHSPSC, LLC and other affiliates provide management and support services for our affiliated hospitals and clinics. Explore Opportunities.

Home Care

Home Care is one of the fastest growing health services U.S. with a need for compassionate, skilled caregivers.  We have many opportunities for those who prefer to work one-on-one with patients who need and welcome their support. Explore Opportunities.