Notice of Fortra Data Security Incident

Corporate Governance

At Community Health Systems, Inc., we recognize that investor confidence in the governance of public companies is essential and must be earned every day. We have adopted and are committed to corporate governance guidelines and practices that protect our shareholders’ interest.

Community Health Systems, Inc. is fortunate to have a very strong board of independent directors who are actively involved in the leadership and oversight of our business, with particular attention to our compliance with accounting, financial and regulatory standards. We have the highest confidence in our system of internal controls, practices, and policies and, above all, in the integrity of our employees.

In order to ensure the utmost transparency in our governance processes and to instill confidence in our investors, our Board of Directors is continuously monitoring best practices in corporate governance, including in areas such as director independence, director qualifications, the election of directors, committee duties and governance, committee composition and qualifications, our code of conduct, policies regarding stock trading and the reporting of stock trading, policies regarding reporting of complaints involving accounting matters and hiring practices with respect to the employees of a company’s independent auditors.