Bright Ideas
The recent retrofitting of one 60-bed hospital with LED lighting created an environmental impact equivalent to planting 61 acres of trees.

This organization has a strong track record of growth and investment in support of physicians and hospital employees’ efforts to provide quality healthcare services. In addition, we also consider the impact the organization’s operational efforts might have on communities served and the environment as a whole.

For several years, this organization has worked to provide accounts regarding our sustainability efforts beginning with a baseline report in 2009. We anticipate steady advancement toward meaningful, quantifiable plans to increase our sustainability in the coming years.

A multi-disciplinary team is engaged in identifying sustainable practices to improve efficiency, maximize resources and minimize environmental impact. Representatives from many areas of the organization including operations, facilities management, materials management, quality and resource management, patient safety, employee safety, human resources, legal and more share their expertise and understanding of the sustainable practices in their areas.

One of the many advantages of being part of a large organization is the exposure to diverse ideas and connectivity of a large peer network. We value the opportunity to learn from each other and share ideas, whether clinical best practices to provide optimal outcomes or lessons learned to reduce energy use.